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  • 01 2022-05

    Maintenance and preservation

    1 the operation of the electric pump should always observe the current, voltage meter and water flow, and stri......

  • 26 2022-04

    Operation and maintenance of deep well pump

    1, the operation of the pump should always observe the flow of current, voltage meter and water, and strive to......

  • 21 2022-04

    Unit installation

    1 installation instructions : (1) the water inlet of the water pump must be in dynamic water level 1 meters, b......

  • 15 2022-04

    Deep well pump

    Before opening the pump, the suction pipe and the pump must be filled with liquid. open. After the pump, the i......

  • 05 2022-05

    QJ type deep well submersible pump use conditions

    1 deep well submersible pump power requirements:(1) the rated frequency is 50 Hz, and the rated voltage of the......

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