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Unit installation
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1 installation instructions

(1) the water inlet of the water pump must be in dynamic water level 1 meters, but the diving depth shall not exceed the hydrostatic level to 70 metres, at least 1 meters away from the lower end of the motor shaft. (2) less than the rated power of more than or equal to 15kw (power supply allows 25kW) motor with full voltage start.

(3) the rated power is greater than 15kw, and the motor is started with a buck.

(4) the use of the environment must meet the requirements.

2 preparation before installation

(1) firstly, the diameter of the water well, the depth of water and whether the power supply system is in accordance with the conditions of use.

(2) check the pump rotation is flexible, there should be no card dead, charging motor and electric pump coupling application, pay attention to tighten the screw.

(3) open the exhaust and water plug, into the motor cavity filled with water, avoid false full, good plug. There should be no leakage phenomenon.

(4) insulation with 500 volt megger motor, should not be less than 150 euro trillion.

(5) should be equipped with the corresponding lifting tools, such as the three foot chain, etc..

(6) install protection switch and boot device, start the motor instantaneous (less than one second), to see whether the motor turning and turning the same sign, if on the contrary, to change the power of any two connection, then a good supporting frame and secure network, ready to go down. In the connection of motor and pump steering, must be poured into the water from the pump outlet, the water from the water will start flowing section.

3 installation

(1) first install the pump section in the pump outlet, and a splint to lift that falls into a well, is located in the Jingtai splint.

(2) to clamp the other section of the water delivery pipe with a pair of splint. Then lift down pipe flange and the rubber pad is screwed to the diagonal at the same time. The chain rose removal of the first splint, the splint and the pump down well. In repeated installation, well, until all the Bahrain, put on the cover, the last splint without disassembly and put it in the manhole cover.

(3) installation pipe, valve, outlet, and add the corresponding sealing pad.

(4) the cable should be fixed on the water pipe on the flange groove, each with rope fixed, when drilling to be careful, shall not damage the cable.

(5) under the pump in the process, if there is stuck, the idea to overcome the card point, can not be forced to pump, so as not to die.

(6) when the installation is strictly prohibited under the operation of personnel.

(7) protection switch and start equipment should be installed in the distribution of users after the distributor, voltmeter, ammeter, lights, and placed in the appropriate position in the well house.

(8) the "force protection measures to the tube bundle" from the motor base with wire, to prevent accidents.

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