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Deep well pump
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Before opening the pump, the suction pipe and the pump must be filled with liquid. open

After the pump, the impeller rotating speed, which leaves the liquid together with the rotation under the action of centrifugal force, the left outside impeller injection, injection of the liquid in the pump shell gradually slow the spread of indoor speed, the pressure gradually increased, and then from the pump outlet, the outflow discharge tube. At this time, in the leaves at the center of the vacuum area of low pressure liquid was thrown to the surrounding formation there is no air and no liquid, liquid pool at the surface of the liquid under the action of atmospheric pressure, through the suction pipe into the pump, the liquid is continuously pumped up from the liquid pool is also continuously from the outflow discharge tube.

The basic parameters including flow, head, pump speed, supporting power, rated current, efficiency, outlet diameter and so on.

Submersible pump consists of control cabinet, submersible cable, water pipe, submersible electric pump and submersible motor.

Use scope: including mine rescue, construction schedule, water, agricultural irrigation, industrial water cycle, urban and rural drinking water supply, and even disaster relief and so on.


On the use of media, the submersible pump can generally be divided into water submersible pump, sewage submersible pump, sea water submersible pump (corrosive) three categories.

QJ type submersible pump motor and pump direct one water pump into the water to work, it is suitable for the extraction of groundwater from wells, can also be used in rivers, reservoirs, canals and other water projects. Mainly used for irrigation and plateau in the drinking water, but also for the city, factories, mines, railways, water supply and drainage site use.


1, motor, water pump, into the water running, safe and reliable.

2, the well pipe and pump water pipe without special requirements (i.e.: steel tube wells, tube wells, Doi ash can be used in pressure permit, steel pipe, hose, plastic pipe can be used for lifting pipe use).

3, installation, use and maintenance is convenient and simple, small footprint, without building pumping stations.

4, the result is simple, save the raw material. Whether the condition of the use of the submersible pump is suitable, proper management and service life have a direct relationship.

Operation, maintenance and maintenance

1, the operation of the pump should always observe the flow of current, voltage meter and water, and strive to operate under rated conditions.

2, the application of the valve regulating flow, head shall not overload operation.

There is one of the following conditions immediately stop running:

1) rated voltage when the current exceeds the rated value;

2) under the rated head, the flow rate is lower than the normal;

3) insulation resistance less than 500 billion ohm;

4) when the moving water level falls to the pump suction port;

5) electrical equipment and circuits are not specified;

6) the electric pump has a sudden sound or a larger vibration;

7) protection switching frequency trip.

3, should always continue to observe the instrument, check the electrical equipment every half a month to measure the insulation resistance, the resistance value of not less than 500 billion ohm.

4, each irrigation period (2500 hours) for a maintenance protection, the replacement of wearing parts for.

5, lifting and handling of electric pump:

1) disconnect the cable, disconnect the power supply.

2) with the installation tool gradually removing outlet pipe, valve, pipe, and pinch plate under the tight section of the water pipe, which in turn, remove the pump by hanging out well. (in lifting process found stuck can not be forcibly lifting, should be up and down about activities of customer service card safety handling)

3) remove the support plate, and water from the lead and three core cable or flat cable connector cable cut.

4) remove the locking ring of the shaft coupling, screw down the fixing screw, remove the connecting bolt, and separate the motor and the water pump.

5) out of the motor water filling.

6) pump disassembly: disassembly wrench, remove the left inlet section, remove the tube in the pump with lower impact tapered sleeve, impeller loose, remove the impeller and the conical sleeve and remove deflector shell, which in turn is discharged in an impeller and a diversion shell, guide housing, check valve etc..

7) motor removal: in order to remove the base, thrust bearing, thrust plate, the lower guide bearing seat, water, remove the rotor, remove the bearing seat, stator and so on.

6, electric pump assembly:

(1) the assembly sequence of the motor: the stator assembly, the lower guide bearing assembly, the rotor assembly, the thrust plate, the left fastening nut, the thrust bearing assembly, the base assembly, the upper guide bearing seat assembly, the skeleton oil seal and the connecting seat. Adjusting stud, so that the motor shaft extends to the specified requirements. A good film, then adjust the pressure adjusting spring and a cover.

(2) pump assembly: the axis and the inlet section will be fixed on the seat I can hold, the impeller and the conical sleeve is fixed on the shaft with removable cylinder, and then loaded on the diversion shell and impeller Bahrain.. so...... the upper shell, check valve etc..

The following eight departments of motor and pump assembly, first in the water Festival and on the bearing seat through the contact plane between the uniform on the tension nut mounted on the shaft coupling, pump shaft, a fixed stud and a lock ring, with the tide of the impeller and the conical sleeve barrel is fixed on the pump shaft, is arranged on the guide housing this in turn, impeller...... Bahrain on diversion shell etc.. Pump installed after pulling the nut, remove the gasket, the lacing nut tightened evenly, then turn the pump from the coupling, the rotation must be uniform.

Implementation standards

The implementation of national standards for deep well pumps: GB/T2816-2002

Three phase submersible asynchronous motor for deep well pump: GB/T2818-2002

2.2 small water pump drainage

In the work of the water pump, drainage system is inadequate when circumstances have occurred, there are several reasons: (1) in a foreign body into the impeller, impeller abrasion caused by blocked or due to long time operation of the equipment, can be excluded by the maintenance and replacement of the impeller. (2) the drainage pipe is damaged and leaking. The drainage of the damaged pipe replacement, or blocked by a pipe hoop. (3) at the end of the valve size is not enough, the replacement of the appropriate diameter of the valve. (4) ring damage, especially when the large ring wear serious beyond the standard requirements, the leakage will increase dramatically, the drainage capacity significantly reduced. At this point to reduce the height of the drainage, the maximum degree of open, or directly replace the damaged mouth ring. (5) long term use of drainage pipelines, will produce a large number of scaling, to reduce the diameter, poor drainage, you can clean and replace the pipeline.

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