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Maintenance and preservation
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1 the operation of the electric pump should always observe the current, voltage meter and water flow, and strive to operate under the rated operating conditions.

2 Application of the valve regulating flow, head, not overload operation. There is one of the following conditions immediately stop running:

(1) when the rated voltage is more than 20% of the current rating;

(2) the power supply voltage is too high or too low (higher than 400V or less than 360V);

(3) under the rated head, the flow rate is lower than the normal condition;

(4) insulation resistance less than 500 billion ohm;

(5) when the water level falls to the pump suction port;

(6) when the electrical equipment and circuits are not specified;

(7) the electric pump has a sudden sound or a larger vibration;

(8) the protection of the frequent tripping of the switch.

3 to often continue to observe the instrument, to check the electrical equipment every half a month to measure a motor insulation resistance, resistance value of not less than 500 billion ohm.

4 per irrigation period (2500 hours) for a repair, replacement of damaged parts damaged.

Lifting and handling 5 electric pump:

(1) disconnect the power supply, remove the cable connection;

(2) installing tool for removing outlet pipe, valve, pipe gradually, and the pump lift out covers a splint, and a splint clamping section water pipe, which in turn, by removing the pump until the day hanging out of the well. (in the lifting process, found stuck can not be forcibly lifting, up and down about activities should overcome card point safety hoist);

(3) remove the support plate, and water from the lead and three core cable or flat cable connector cable cut;

(4) remove the coupling locking ring, screw down the fixed screw, remove the connecting bolts, so that the motor, pump separation;

(5) to discharge the motor inner water;

(6) removal of water pump:

Dismounting wrench, unloading inlet section, with removable cylinder in the pump lower impact tapered sleeve, impeller loose, remove the impeller and the conical sleeve, remove the guide shell, which in turn is discharged in an impeller and a diversion shell, guide housing, check valve etc..

(7) motor removal:

In order to remove the base, thrust bearing, thrust plate and the lower guide bearing seat and a connecting seat, the swing device, remove the rotor, remove the guide bearing seat and a stator on the other.

6 electric pump assembly:

Assembly inspection before cleaning rust, sludge of the parts, the mating surface with butter rust, pump thread connection should be coated with lead oil.

(1) the assembly sequence of the motor:

The stator assembly and lower guide bearing seat assembly and rotor assembly and the thrust plate, axle nut, thrust bearing assembly and the base assembly and the upper guide bearing seat assembly and seal, connecting seat. The adjustment of the stud, the motor shaft meet the requirements, then a good transfer film, pressure regulating spring and a cover.

(2) pump assembly:

The shaft and the water inlet section are fixed on the mounting seat, and the impeller and the conical sleeve are fixed on the shaft by a disassembly and assembly cylinder...... In order to install the upper crust, check valve, etc..

The motor pump assembly below level eight, the first in the inlet section of the upper guide bearing seat and the contact plane between the uniform distribution, with the same 3 ~ 3.5 mm shim 3 ~ 4, and even a good reinforcement nut mounted on the shaft coupling, pump shaft, fixed bolt and lock ring, impeller, cone sleeve is fixed on the pump shaft with removable cylinder, and then loaded on the deflector shell, impeller...... In order to pack the upper casing and the like. Pump installed loose lacing nut, remove the gasket, the lacing nut tightened evenly, then turn the pump from the coupling, the rotation must be uniform.

7 electric pump storage

Electric pump long-term need not, should be timely discharge of water in the motor, the surface is wiped clean, coated with anti rust oil, put in a relatively clean, dry, no chemical corrosion places. After the motor cavity is filled with water, it is strictly prohibited to put in the temperature of 0 degrees C and below the environmental conditions, otherwise it must be put into the water inside the chamber, with anti freeze crack motor.

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